Meet Oregon Translation, LLC
Experience the Power of Words

Communicate effectively with your customers, employees, supply chain and the world. Oregon Translation offers an entire suite of professional services crafted over the last twenty years to help you compete in the 21st century.

  • Written Translations
  • Telephonic Interpreting and Conference Interpreting
  • Localized Websites, Software, and Apps
  • Multilingual eLearning Modules
  • Voice Recordings in many languages
  • Video Subtitles
  • Cultural Consulting and Transcreation

We are one of a select few firms offering complete localization services for audio, video, websites and mobile software apps.

Our talented in-house team — with our multi-faceted array of skills, foreign languages, and project management experience — put a broad range of services at your fingertips and savings in your pocket. Our experienced translators, voice actors, interpreters, and other specialized professionals come from all over the globe. Together we make Oregon Translation an industry leader.

Meet the Team

Virginia Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, French and Spanish Translator

Ben Solis, Creative Director: Audio/Video and Digital Media, speaks Spanish and Portuguese

Gabriel Gils Carbó, Localization Director: Web and Apps, speaks Spanish

María Villarreal, Translation Project Manager, Spanish Translator

Blake Schrein, Translation Project Manager, French Translator

Chelsea Baumgartner, Sound Engineer, speaks Japanese

Robynne Davis, Sales and Marketing Director

Amy Campbell, Bookkeeper and Vendor Manager

Team Photos: [Recording studio] [App localization] [Translators at work] [Interpreters in the booth]

Oregon Translation

The Power of Words

Our Team:

Virginia Anderson - Founder

Ben Ares Solís - Creative Services Localization Director

Gabe Gils Carbó - Localization Director

Robynne Davis - Director of Business Development

Karin Von Krenner - Business Development

Blake Schrein - Project Manager

María Villarreal - Project Manager

Chelsea Baumgartner - Assistant Producer/Project Manager

Amy Campbell - Office Manager/Bookkeeper