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We’re known for professional translation but we are also pleased to be able to offer you a full suite of language services and business solutions.  Once your document is translated, you may need some help getting it to look perfect in the target language. That’s where it helps to have a native speaker quickly and accurately make the newly translated files match your original layout and design. If you translate a marketing piece, you may find that your message is “lost in translation“. We can help you find it by recrafting your message to fit the target culture and language using a unique translation process specifically for marketing called transcreation.

We have a custom-built sound studio designed specifically for voice-over to handle any audio recording project. And our multilingual audio-visual engineers can get your newly recorded audio into any video format and even add subtitling in any language.

If you’re engaging your customers on your website or via software, apps, games or eLearning, we are fully equipped to help streamline your work with our localization services. We can work directly with your developers, translate strings and even provide localization testing to ensure your final deliveries look perfect.

Beyond these services we also offer transcription in any language or even directly transcribe something into another language. We can provide in-person interpreting for events with a fully enclosed interpreter’s booth and wireless headsets for your foreign language audience. And of course, regardless of how outside-of-the-box your needs are, our decades of experience is available to you through our consulting services. Whatever you language needs are, we can help you through the power of words. Learn more about our Quality Localization & Translation Services For 25 Years professional business.

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