Localization Testing

Localization Testing
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Testing is a critical part of the development life-cycle of any application or website. After your project has been localized, it becomes equally important that your project is also tested to be sure that everything works as expected in the translated language.Although there are many companies that provide software testing, few offer localization testing. We provide professional localization testing for your app, eLearning tool, game, software or website in any language using native speakers.

Our localization testing includes a clear list of issues and recommended solutions for bugs related to language and culture. We work closely with you to make sure your project is functional in the translated languages, culturally sensitive and ready for market.

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Our Team:

Virginia Anderson - Founder

Ben Ares Solís - Creative Services Localization Director

Gabe Gils Carbó - Localization Director

Robynne Davis - Director of Business Development

Karin Von Krenner - Business Development

Blake Schrein - Project Manager

María Villarreal - Project Manager

Chelsea Baumgartner - Assistant Producer/Project Manager

Amy Campbell - Office Manager/Bookkeeper