Our languages

Our Languages
Every language, every dialect

When we say we translate every language we really mean it! Whatever your language needs are, we have you covered from Afrikaans to Zulu (and everything in between).

Oregon Translation’s professional team is comprised of native-speaker translators, graphic designers, voice talent and localization experts. Our translators have what it takes to transmit not just the idea of your document into target languages, but also the “flavor” of the target language. After all, you want your audience to have the same reaction to your document, whether or not you speak the same language.


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Language Map

Albanian Haitian Creole Pashto
Amharic Hausa Polish
Arabic Hebrew Portuguese (Brazilian)
Armenian Hindi Portuguese (European)
Azerbaijani Hmong Punjabi
Basque Hungarian Romanian
Bengali Icelandic Russian
Bosnian Igbo Serbo-Croatian
Bulgarian Indonesian Slovak
Burmese Irish (Gaelic) Slovene
Cambodian Italian Somali
Cantonese Japanese Sotho
Catalan Javanese Spanish (Latin American)
Cebuano Karen Spanish (Mexican)
Chinese (Simplified) Kazakh Spanish (Spain)
Chinese (Traditional) Korean Spanish (USA)
Czech Kurdish Swahili
Danish Lao Swedish
Dari Latin Tagalog (Filipino)
Dutch Latvian Tamil
English (UK) Lingala Telugu
English (USA) Lithuanian Thai
Estonian Luganda Tigrinya
Éwé Macedonian Turkish
Farsi (Persian) Malay Turkmen
Finnish Mandarin Ukrainian
Flemish Marathi Urdu
French (Canada) Mayan Uzbek
French (Europe) Mien Vietnamese
French (W. Africa) Mongolian Yoruba
German Montenegran Xhosa
Greek Navajo Zulu
Gujarati Norwegian … and more!

If you’re seeking a language not listed above, let’s say, the binary language of moisture vaporators, Bocce, or even Klingon, just contact us to inquire. We’re confident we can help.


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Oregon Translation

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Our Team:

Virginia Anderson - Founder

Ben Ares Solís - Creative Services Localization Director

Gabe Gils Carbó - Localization Director

Robynne Davis - Director of Business Development

Karin Von Krenner - Business Development

Blake Schrein - Project Manager

María Villarreal - Project Manager

Chelsea Baumgartner - Assistant Producer/Project Manager

Amy Campbell - Office Manager/Bookkeeper