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Layout and Graphic Design
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Typesetting and Graphic DesignSome documents use layout and graphic design to look great with a lot of fancy formatting, cool fonts, carefully constructed columns, fields, diagrams and tables. Although they may look perfect in the original language, often the translated text doesn’t fit at all.

Certain languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Italian take more words and often longer words to say the same thing that takes less space in English. On the other hand, other languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean take up considerably less space. This can be a problem if your documents must conform to a specific layout or must be limited to a certain number of pages. If the design of your documents is important, you may need a professional typesetter to maintain the format of your translated documents.

This can be difficult if the typesetter doesn’t read that language or understand the rules for line breaks, hyphenation and the natural flow of text. To make matters worse, sometimes the document fonts that were chosen for your original files simply do not support the characters of certain foreign languages. Also, if your document has images that contain text, you may need help getting the images updated with the new translations.

Graphic DesignIf you no longer have the original source files for your documents, we can recreate them in the software of your choice. We always provide you with the electronic files so you can use them for future edits. And if you need new culturally appropriate graphics or text overlaying a graphic in a foreign language, we can take care of that as well.

Our multilingual layout and graphic design specialists have decades of experience solving these and many other tricky problems. Our team can truly make your documents look just as spectacular as the originals in any language.

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